21st Century Educator who Improves Schools and Enables Students to reach their Unique Potential

Teaching Experience

Duff has been teaching for the past fourteen years, twelve internationally, after beginning his career in Vancouver, Canada. He has had a blend of Middle School and High School experience, including MYP, IB, and AP. Below is a summary of his teaching experiences:

UWCSEA East – United World College South East Asia (08.2013 – Present)
Head of Grade Middle School

–Collaborated with Grade 7 faculty, creating a mentoring program that allowed consistent delivery while covering PSE standards and benchmarks.
–Broadened UWSEA Learning Programme awareness. Gave well-received coffee talks to parents and coordinated faculty presenters, which alleviated parent concerns.
–Spearheaded student of concern protocol, created a method of identifying, monitoring, and evaluating students that was adopted by grade levels 6-8.
–Optimized communication of learning by honing the Home Share, giving parent workshop, and providing students a template to guide their conversations.

Lincoln – American International School of Buenos Aires (08.2010 – 06.2013)
Head of Middle School Math Department / Team Leader Grade 8

–Coordinate 12 member grade level team; Including learning interventions, grade level excursions, and curriculum development.
–Establish and Lead NWEA MAP Standardized Testing Committee. Created K – 8 philosophy and teacher expectation and guidelines.
–Rewrote Math Department Curriculum based on Common Core Standards.
–Implemented Challenge by Choice (CbC) program across grade levels 6-8. Raised MAP scores by 4 points over expected growth.
–Initiate Advisory Program. Led to a restructuring of morning advisory based upon NASSP that focuses on character building age-appropriate topics. Trained teachers and wrote curriculum.
–Establish and coordinate Global Issues Network (GIN). 30 students participate in the program. Raised US $10,000 and donated to charities in 2011. Chaperoned GIN group to conference in Peru and Brazil.

International School of Beijing (08.2006-06.2010)
Head of Middle School Math Department / Algebra I Teacher

–Conceived and Designed MS Math Department handbook which outlines a comprehensive program that is available to teachers and parents. Includes department philosophy, vertical articulation, and grading system.
–Emphasized Professional Development in department meetings by having colleagues share best practice strategies in an attempt to improve teaching in the department.
–Pioneered and Facilitated Implementation of new math program Challenge by Choice (CbC). Brought in founder of program to train department and monitored implementation of program throughout school year by collecting statistics and organizing specific meetings around CbC implementation.
–21st Century Task Force member that focused on implementing 21st Century Skill standards into curriculum. Successfully implemented standards into Math Department. In order to get buy-in from faculty helped lead “Exploratory” sessions throughout first year to have faculty comfortable with Learning 21 skills.
–Initiated Peer Observations amongst math department members and helped facilitate debriefing sessions after observations.
–Established Five Year Plan in conjunction with 50 ISB stakeholders over the course of four months of meetings. Personally focused on Curriculum action plan to raise academic standards at ISB while keeping in line with the Mission Statement.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (06.2005 – 08.2007)
Robotics Instructor

–Challenged and guided gifted children aged 11-14 about engineering principles, computer science algorithms, using problem based learning strategies.
–Mentored teaching assistants who were undergraduate students interested in becoming educators. Helped them improve their teaching craft.

American International School Kuwait (08.2002 – 06.2006)
MYP Math & Science / HS Computer Science AP/IB & Yearbook

–Established and implemented MOODLE websites for teachers, students, and parents.
–Developed grade-level appropriate curriculum for MYP Math / Science and integrated subject strands into lessons and areas of interactions.
–Delivered well-received technology workshops for teachers focusing on integration. Presented at EARCOS conference.
–Overhauled school newspaper and yearbook using Adobe CS Suite. Began entering publications into North American student contests.

Steveston Senior Secondary (09.2000 – 06.2002)
Algebra II High School Teacher

–Integrated project based learning pedagogy into Unit planning
–Initiated peer teaching sessions